Work with a weight loss doctor that can help you get the body you've always wanted

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change your life.

Helping people achieve the best version of themselves

Dr. Christy Kirkendol-Watson has practiced medicine for over 15 years.  Her prior experience with traditional primary care limited the way she could take care of her patients.  As she has focused on helping people with weight loss, she realized that she was often seeing patients more than their own primary care physician.  It seemed a natural transition to be able to offer primary care services to her patients in a meaningful, holistic way.  This shift gives her the freedom to practice the way she has always wanted. No limitations on the time she spends with patients. This time gives her the ability to treat the whole patient to help them achieve their optimal health and wellness!

Personalized, compassionate, holistic care

We have a responsibility to our patients to do the best that we can for them.

Time to Listen

As a DPC practice, Dr. Christy Kirkendol-Watson spends at least an hour with each patient during an initial exam, learn about you and lay the groundwork for a successful treatment plan.

Comprehensive Treatment

Dr. Christy specializes in wellness to help her patients, nothing’s off the table when it comes to restoring health.

Unlimited Access

As a member, you’ll have unlimited visits and can reach out to Dr. Christy anytime with questions and concerns through text, email and telemedicine.

Ready to invest in your health?

Our memberships are simple and affordable. For a monthly fee, Dr. Christy provides patients with unlimited visits and personalized care.