If you adhere to the weight loss solution – tailored specifically for you by the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine medical providers – you will lose weight. Our program is customized to meet your needs and specifically your lifestyle. Just check out what others are saying.


Jeremy K,

“I was an athlete. I have always been active and in my 20s even ran marathons. Then life happened – career changes, wife, kids and the inevitable weight gain. I needed a plan that worked for my new life of two kids under three, a wife, a home, and my career. Dr. Christy met with me to discuss my lifestyle and assessed my needs and wants. She put me on a monitored plan and the results have been. I am the lightest I have been since my mid-20s and feel great! The plan works for my lifestyle.”


After 3 days I lost 6 lbs. After 4 weeks – 21 pounds. And now at 7 weeks I’m down a total of 29 pounds. Thought it would be so hard because I like all the bad food. But it keeps getting easier everyday and I’ve been full after eating what they say. 3 of my family have started the program with me and have also lost 22lbs combined. Thank you Dr. Christy.  – Stacy B.
Westfield, Indiana

Stacy B