Workout Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals Anywhere

If you’re stretched for time and can’t make it to the gym for a workout, try one of these apps and start sweating at home.

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is a free app with workouts ranging from 15 – 45 minutes depending on the time you have. Workouts also range depending on ability and focus on losing weight, adding definition and building strength. The app can also create a four-week workout plan based on your individual needs and includes videos to help learn form.

Couch to 5k
This app is great for first-time runners. The app will train you by doing intervals of walking and jogging three days a week for eight weeks and by the end you will be running a 5k!

This is the perfect app if you struggle with having no time to workout. You can do a quick high intensity workout in 5 minutes with this app including exercises from Crossfit to Pilates taught by real trainers.

Simply Yoga
The free version of this app is more for beginners but it is worth trying before getting the paid app. Any yoga app is worth looking into. It is a great exercise for stretching and relaxation.

FitStar Personal Trainer
This app gives you workouts tailored for you by asking questions after each workout in order to keep the workouts challenging but not impossible for you to accomplish.

New apps are created everyday, especially for fitness. Explore and find the ones that work best with you and don’t let time be an excuse for not working out. Technology has made it possible to work out from almost anywhere now. Take advantage of it!


Muscle Weight vs Fat Weight – How It Affects the Scale.

Losing Weight 101 – Muscle weight vs. Fat weight

Did you start working out and notice the scale increasing instead of decreasing?  Don’t fret – it’s entirely normal. Muscle is smaller in size but weighs more than fat. The weight you see on the scale is just a number – the quantity; it does not describe the body composition – the quality.

People can weigh more or appear to gain weight because of increased muscle mass. Depending on how much muscle mass you gain, you may actually lose inches around your waist – (making your clothes may fit better)

Fat cells and your health…
When you’re overweight, you carry around extra fat cells that lead to many health risks –  increased blood pressure, diabetes and so on. Adding extra muscle cells does not increase your health risks. When you begin a resistance/toning routine, the inches come off faster than the weight, since you are building muscle.

Benefits of muscle gain
Consistent strength training has many benefits and can lead to a happier healthier life including:

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Slows the progression of osteoporosis
  • Increases the body’s efficiency to store glucose
  • Makes your body stronger

How much muscle is right for you?
It depends on your individual weight loss goals. The goal is decreased inches, increased strength – not big bulging muscles. A pound of muscle increases our metabolism by about 50 kcal per day. The average American should increase their muscle mass by 2-5 lbs to get toned, strong, and increase their metabolism.

At LiveLight clinic, we focus on improving the quality and quantity of your body composition. You’ll get individual recommendations of how much muscle you should have and how to reach that goal. This combined with diet and other healthy lifestyle changes, will improve any existing health problems and prevent developing new ones.

Remember, regardless of what the scale says – muscle is your friend.