Workout Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals Anywhere

If you’re stretched for time and can’t make it to the gym for a workout, try one of these apps and start sweating at home.

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is a free app with workouts ranging from 15 – 45 minutes depending on the time you have. Workouts also range depending on ability and focus on losing weight, adding definition and building strength. The app can also create a four-week workout plan based on your individual needs and includes videos to help learn form.

Couch to 5k
This app is great for first-time runners. The app will train you by doing intervals of walking and jogging three days a week for eight weeks and by the end you will be running a 5k!

This is the perfect app if you struggle with having no time to workout. You can do a quick high intensity workout in 5 minutes with this app including exercises from Crossfit to Pilates taught by real trainers.

Simply Yoga
The free version of this app is more for beginners but it is worth trying before getting the paid app. Any yoga app is worth looking into. It is a great exercise for stretching and relaxation.

FitStar Personal Trainer
This app gives you workouts tailored for you by asking questions after each workout in order to keep the workouts challenging but not impossible for you to accomplish.

New apps are created everyday, especially for fitness. Explore and find the ones that work best with you and don’t let time be an excuse for not working out. Technology has made it possible to work out from almost anywhere now. Take advantage of it!

Why “Eat Less, Exercise More” Can Be Detrimental

When you tell your friends or family that you’re looking to lose weight, they probably adopt a didactic tone and tell you that you simply need to, “Eat less and exercise more.” That’s easier said than done. First of all, it makes most people want to throw up their hands and exclaim, “WOW, thank you so much! I’m cured! Why didn’t I think of that?” Second of all, though, that simplistic view of weight loss can be incorrect.

Any diet that recommends simply eating less than 1,200 calories per day (depending on your gender, age and weight) is almost 100 percent likely to be a step in the wrong direction. Although it makes sense to us that eating fewer calories will cause us to lose weight, you must be careful not to eat too little. Not consuming enough calories can cause your body to go into what’s called “starvation mode,” which is thought to have been an adaptation our ancestors developed for survival. During this time, your body stores the fat you consume and instead burns muscle to provide it with the calories it needs to function. Over time, this leads to a significant loss in muscle causing the metabolic rate to slow down. A slow metabolic rate means any weight loss you initially expected will not occur.  

Another problem with the “eat less” philosophy is it doesn’t take what you eat into consideration. If you limit yourself to a certain number of calories, (let’s say 2,000 just for the purpose of the upcoming example), and eat every single one of those calories in doughnuts, it’s guaranteed you will feel sluggish and/or sick. You won’t ever feel full and you will probably feel yourself losing most of your muscle and replacing that muscle with fat. After all, 2000 calories is only 7-10 doughnuts for your entire day and those doughnuts have practically no nutritional value. Eating less in general is important if you previously consumed four full plates of food at breakfast, lunch and dinner. But eating less junk food and more healthy food is just as important for your health and weight loss goals.

There isn’t really a set number of calories you can consume that marks the difference between experiencing weight loss and going into starvation mode. It all depends, as previously mentioned, on your gender, age and weight. However, being patient with your diet and allowing yourself to eat when you’re hungry can prevent you from reaching that point. Seeking guidance and making a weight loss plan (as opposed to letting your ‘diet’ consist of 10 doughnuts per day) can help you achieve your weight loss goals while receiving proper nutrients and ensuring your body is healthy.

Give Hiking Another Try

Hiking is great … the sun up above, the aroma of sweet flowers, the firm earth beneath you … until you start going. The sun gets hotter, the trail seems to go for miles and all of a sudden, hiking can be difficult. Hiking provides so many health benefits, as well as mental relaxation. So before you give up hiking for good, try some of these tips on your next adventure.

Take your dog along with you. They need exercise too and they keep great company!

Plan to a picnic stop along your route

Try easy paths, then work your way up to the harder ones

Take a first-aid kit. There’s nothing worse than hiking, getting hurt and not being able to do anything about it.

Get the right shoes first. They can make all the difference.

Train for it. Hiking seems easy but it takes a lot of power!

Bring the right snacks. Think protein.

Sunscreen. You often think about it when going to the beach but not when hiking. Take the time to protect your skin.

Make it a goal to go to all the major parks in Indiana.

Hiking may be difficult at first, as with any physical activity but with the right gear and training – you will have a great time!

Ten Non-Food Related Ways To Treat Yourself

It is important to reward yourself for the progress you are making. So often we use food as a reward and it’s time to break the habit. You work so hard while on your weight loss journey and you deserve to treat yourself once in awhile. Here are some different ways you can treat yourself for all that hard work!

  1. Go get your hair done. Maybe try a new style or color you’ve been eyeing on your favorite celebrity.
  2. Buy a new outfit or accessory. That dress shirt would look great on you. And that scarf brings out your eyes.
  3. Take a day to try out some Pinterest crafts.
  4. Plan a date night. Go to a new restaurant, go to the movies or get frozen yogurt!
  5. Give yourself a rest day. Everyone needs a break. So take a day to yourself, stay in your PJ’s and binge watch your favorite show.
  6. Get new workout clothes or tennis shoes, this not only is a treat for yourself but it also continues to motivate you!
  7. Try a new hobby or sport.
  8. Start a home project such as decluttering and getting rid of old clothes.
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Read a book.

It’s important to slowly replace the central role food plays in our lives with a few new things.

Hit The Trail During This Unseasonably Warm Weather


It’s time to change it up! Instead of sticking to your normal fitness routine, take a break and take a walk or run on one of these beautiful local trails:


  1. White River Wapahani Trail

6.85 miles

Trail End Points: W. 38th St. and White River Pkwy W Dr. at Riverside Regional Park to W. Raymond St. and S. White River Pkwy. W Dr.

  1. Pleasant Run Trail

6.9 miles

Trail End Points: Ellenberger Park at East St. Clair St. and N. Ritter Ave. to Garfield Park at Pleasant Run Pkwy. and Conservatory Dr.

  1. Monon Trail

19.7 miles

Trail End Points: E. 10th Street and Lewis Street to 191st Street

  1. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

9.2 miles

Trail End Points: White River State Park to Monon Trail



  1. Zionsville Rail Trail

5.6 Miles

Trail End Points: Heritage Trail Park off CR 875 East to bridge over Eagle Creek south of Starkey Ave.



  1. White River Greenway (Noblesville)

5.9 miles

Trail End Points: Potter’s Bridge Park off Allisonville Rd. to N. 8th St. and Logan St.; Morse Park off E. 196th St.

  1. White River Greenway (Carmel)
    • miles

Trail End Points: River Road Park at River Rd. and E. 126th St. to River Rd. and Tall Timber Run