Ten Non-Food Related Ways To Treat Yourself

It is important to reward yourself for the progress you are making. So often we use food as a reward and it’s time to break the habit. You work so hard while on your weight loss journey and you deserve to treat yourself once in awhile. Here are some different ways you can treat yourself for all that hard work!

  1. Go get your hair done. Maybe try a new style or color you’ve been eyeing on your favorite celebrity.
  2. Buy a new outfit or accessory. That dress shirt would look great on you. And that scarf brings out your eyes.
  3. Take a day to try out some Pinterest crafts.
  4. Plan a date night. Go to a new restaurant, go to the movies or get frozen yogurt!
  5. Give yourself a rest day. Everyone needs a break. So take a day to yourself, stay in your PJ’s and binge watch your favorite show.
  6. Get new workout clothes or tennis shoes, this not only is a treat for yourself but it also continues to motivate you!
  7. Try a new hobby or sport.
  8. Start a home project such as decluttering and getting rid of old clothes.
  9. Volunteer.
  10. Read a book.

It’s important to slowly replace the central role food plays in our lives with a few new things.

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