Ten Healthy New Year’s Resolutions To Keep In 2016

Millions of Americans make losing weight or getting healthy a resolution each year. Making a general resolution can be difficult to keep. For example, we all see the increase of attendance at the gym in early January as people are motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Then the end of January hits and the number of people at the gym drastically drops. It’s hard to keep goals that don’t fit with your lifestyle. Finding new activities to replace food activities centered around food can ultimately help you lose 10 – 12 pounds this year!

Here are 10 easy and healthy resolutions you can keep:

1. Drink more water! Find a fun, new water bottle and start drinking eight glasses of water a day.
2. Limit the amount of sweet treats you eat per week.
3. Try volunteering one hour a week.
4. Take a walk after dinner each night.
5. Limit your use of social media to one hour a day.
6. Read a book once a month.
7. Try a different recipe a few times a month, you may find a new favorite dish!
8. Try meal prepping to save time.
9. Limit soda and coffee intake to one per day.
10. Start a tradition of family game or movie night once a week or once a month.

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