Achieving My Healthy Weight: Making Strides

Week 5: Making Strides with My Weight

I have successfully made it through a month of my customized diet plan and I’m impressed! Dr. Christy’s program is ah-ma-zing! I have lost 10lbs in total and I have never felt better or seen the pounds melt off so fast. Also, I can’t say I mind the positive comments I have received from my co-workers, friends and especially my husband.

After a month in and losing almost 7% of my weight, I have more motivation than ever to keep moving forward and never look back to the “old” pudgier me and her unhealthy eating habits.

At my latest appointment I was congratulated for my weight loss, given a thorough check-in of my progress and experience thus far and a new diet instruction packet that allows me to be a little more flexible with my eating. While I am still limited on my calories and carbs, I can now add fruit and a few starchier vegetables back into the mix. Hello potatoes!(Or at least half a potato…the amount of starchy vegetables I’m allowed per day on my plan.) My new packet also included some reading materials and homework to familiarize me with the types of healthy food and habits it will take to maintain my healthy weight once I reach it. My homework consists of doing a little research on my favorite restaurants along with incorporating a small amount of exercise into my daily regime.

It was reassuring to hear from Dina, LiveLight’s physician assistant, that adding this exercise into my routine did not mean I had to dress up in full gym attire and go to the gym to sweat it out for an hour everyday. Nor did I have to enroll in a grueling video-based exercise program like P90X or Jillian Michaels. This exercise program is for real people living real lives. I’m just thankful that Dr. Christy and her staff understand how important it is for weight loss & exercise to not only be achievable but also maintainable and realistic for my busy schedules. That’s why Dina encouraged me to start off in small doses and noted that just walking the dog can count. I was also surprised and relieved to hear that Yoga and Pilo (short for a pix of Yoga & Pilates), my favorite form of exercise, can count towards strength training.

The further I get into this weight loss program, the more I realize that Dr. Christy and her team are truly experts and visionaries in their field of obesity medicine. While I wasn’t technically considered obese at my starting weight, I was overweight. If I hadn’t found them when I did – it easily could have led to obesity or other serious health issues like high blood pressure or diabetes.

Now more than ever, I have every confidence in Dr. Christy and her team to help me become the healthiest me I can be.

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