Healthy Weight Journey – Losing Weight & Inches!!!

Weeks 7 & 8: Achieving my Healthy Weight

Weighing In

This past week I had my 2 month follow up appointment with Dr. Christy. I was excited to weigh-in and see my total weight loss progress. But I was a little nervous since this was the first time I’d weighed in after switching to the flexible diet plan. On this plan I swap shakes and bars for other food – but it’s almost like it requires more discipline and thinking.

But leave it to Dr. Christy to know best! I’m happy to report the pounds and inches are still coming off! I had lost 4 more lbs and for a total loss of 12 lbs!!! Whoohooo.

Adding exercise into my routine 3 weeks ago is also helping to gain muscle and lean body mass, (which my body is in dire need of). The body composition analysis reported that my visceral fat (the nasty gut fat that’s oh so hard to get rid of) was also down. Score!!!

I can’t describe how rewarding it is to see the results both physically and in numbers. Now if only my husband would agree to a new wardrobe shopping trip since my entire wardrobe now looks like it belongs on a much larger person (aka the much larger me.)

Hunger & Mental Control

Dr. Christy and I talked a lot about emotional eating and knowing the difference between when you are hungry and when you are just bored. This point really struck home with me because I think too often in society we turn eating into an event; for every occasion, happy or sad, eating seems to be the answer. The truth is that we should only eat when we are hungry, which is a hard sell to a mind conditioned and wired to think otherwise – at least it is for me. To help me learn on my own, Dr. Christy sent me home with a few new homework lessons. They included information about emotional eating and some great tips to help me combat those pesky mental food cravings. Which was TOTALLY what I needed. 

We also talked about eating certain foods in moderation and not feeling guilty as long as you keep yourself accountable and balance your diet. And here’s my key takeaways…

  • If I eat a higher carb lunch,  have a lower carb dinner with more protein to make up for it.
  • If I want to have a glass of wine or two at the end of the week or on a stressful day (and I will!), work it all into my plan have less carbs on Wed, Thur, Friday.
  • If I do have an evening out with friends or at a social event, I can still have some foods I enjoy and doesn’t wreck my diet or put it on hold.  I don’t feel like I am trapped into only eating certain foods or feel guilty if I splurge.
  • Above all track it and factor it.

“It isn’t about cheating but about choices. Weight isn’t gained or loss in one day.. it’s days and days of bad choices that derail your diet and your health” Dr. Christy Kirkendol

The longer I am on this the LiveLight medical weight loss diet, the more I realize how true that is. And how my success depends more on my mental control and less about my restriction of certain foods.

Low Carb Diet Tip

If you are going to drink alcohol while on the diet, wine is an excellent option with only 5-10 carbs and ~100 calories per serving. My favorite is White Zinfindel, but just make sure you don’t overdo it or consume a large portion of your daily calories from alcohol. Avoid beer and mixed drinks which are incredibly high in carbs and calories. 

I am looking forward to what month 3 of my diet will bring me (or take away). So make sure you check back :)

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