Weight Loss Friendly Restaurant Meals

Week 6: Finding Weight Loss Friendly Meals at Restaurants

Educating you about your body and the food that you are putting into is a crucial component of the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine’s weight loss program. To do this, Dr. Christy gives her “students” a little homework lesson so you can learn about making smart eating choices and developing them into habits.

My first assignment: research some of my favorite restaurants and find menu choices that fit within my prescribed diet plan.

Planning your meal and knowing what options you have ahead of time helps you make smart decisions and keep you on track! Here are a few of food options at my favorite restaurants that fit within my customized diet parameters. Ps. Cheating off my homework is ok ;)

My Grab & Go Healthy Option at Chik-Fil-A

For people with busy lifestyles, sometimes you just can’t avoid eating fast food. Chik-Fil-A has become one of my go-to options for a quick and healthy meal when I am on the go. They also offer a handy Meal Nutrition Calculator on their website to easily check the nutrition information! SCORE!

12-Ct. Grilled Nuggets200634
Fruit Cup50130
Diet Lemonade1540


My Low Carb Healthy Meal at McCalister’s Deli 

Famous for their deli-style offerings, McAlister’s is one my favorite lazy weekend lunch spots. I have to be a little more creative with my order to make sure it isn’t high in carbs, but it’s totally worth it!

Choose 2 -Turkey Melt, No Mayo, No Bun130114
Cup of Broccoli Cheddar Soup250139
Skinny Green Tea w/ Citrus000


Houlihan’s – Optimal Meal

Houlihans’ has been one of my favorite casual dining options because they always have a ton of menu choices including a “healthy” menu section with lighter entrée, sides and drink options.

(PS.. Plan ahead. nutrition information is readily available on their website)

Atlantic Salmon (5oz)343329
Grilled Asparagus5342
Fresh Fruit77171
Unsweetened Iced Tea000

 Ruby Tuesday’s

Since revamping their image in the past 5 years, Ruby Tuesday’s has elevated their food offerings to include more healthy and fresh options. Even though I’m not a fan of the salad bar, I can always find plenty of healthy things to eat here.

(NOTE: Steer clear of their flavored iced teas because they are loaded with carbs!)

Chicken Bella4261729
Grilled Zucchini4141
Steamed Broccoli5273
Diet Coke000

Olive Garden

If you’ve followed my entire journey you know – I’m an Italian girl at heart and will always have a soft spot for the Italian flavors that I grew up with. So it a treat to still be able to visit one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Guess what! There’s a variety of low-carb options. One key point to remember at restaurants. Portions can be HUGE, you learn about from Dr. Christy and her team. View Dina’s blog on Portion control for more details.

It’s not different at Olive Garden (Hello – can you say soup, salad and no bread please). But I didn’t let this stop my Italian heart… I simply portioned out half of my entrée, box it up, and ate the rest. Plus I still felt full at the end of the meal and had leftovers for the next day!!!

½ Garlic Rosemary Chicken w/ Potatoes & Spinach2701531
Zuppa Toscana220157


You will find that once you do a bit of research and digging of your own, that most restaurants will have low-carb and healthy options to help accommodate your diets needs. Typically chain restaurants have their nutrition information posted online so you can easily keep track, but if not, always use your best judgment to avoid consuming high amounts of carbs.

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