What Is The LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine’s Approach To Obesity?

Watch what Dr. Christy Kirkendol Watson, practice leader has to say about the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine’s approach to obesity.

We approach being overweight and obesity as a medical condition. It truly is a chronic medical condition. To us, it’s no different then treating high blood pressure, asthma or diabetes. We have to use all of the tools that we have in-order to get someone’s disease under control. We’re not going to judge you. We’re not the people that are going to chastise you because you gained a few pounds when you went on vacation.

Our job is to help you understand why this happens – maybe avoid it in the future and learn that it isn’t because you’re a bad person or because you don’t have enough willpower. We understand it’s the nature of the condition and our job is to treat that – just like any other condition.

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