Why Dr. Christy Is So Passionate About Helping People Losing Weight

Watch and learn why Dr. Christy Kirkendol Watson, practice leader, is so passionate about helping people enjoy life in their bodies.

I’ve had a lifelong interest in wellness, fitness and nutrition. I was an athlete all of my life. When I went to medical school, I actually wanted to go into wellness or preventive medicine and interestingly enough we really aren’t taught that in medical school or residency. We’re very, very good at taking care of sick patients but nobody really tells us how to take care of healthy patients who are looking to improve their health.

I got absolutely no training in diet, nutrition or fitness in medical school or residency. We saw people that suffer from diabetes or high blood pressure and we knew that their weight was a problem. We would just tell them, “Well, you need to lose some weight…that’ll help” or we would say, “Eat less and exercise more.” But we didn’t have the tools to help them.

It was only after I continued my quest for that type of knowledge that I discovered a professional society called the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and went to one of their meetings. I found myself surrounded by weight loss doctors – who had been doing this long before their time and for me it was like coming home.

I knew it was my calling. It was the first time anyone had finally been able to explain to me all of the things that I had seen in my years of my practicing medicine – there had to be something different about people that suffered from being overweight and obesity. You can’t just tell me one person has the same metabolism as someone else. During the meeting, this doctor throws a slide up and it was like Bio Chemistry 101 in medical school showing the complexities of this disease and what it takes to treat it. That was really the first step in making the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine a reality.

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