New Year’s Resolution Check-In

Alright, so it’s been a month since you made that New Year’s resolution focused on reaching a healthy weight. How’s it going? Be honest with yourself. Have you been staying strong, trying a little bit or completely forgotten about it? Maybe it’s time to revisit your goal.


First, evaluate why you aren’t sticking to your resolution. Are you unmotivated? Is there something in your way? Maybe it just wasn’t a good fit for you in the first place? While the start of a New Year is good time for starting new goals doesn’t mean it always has to be like that because you can start a new goal literally any time you want. Stop saying tomorrow and start simply say today.


Maybe you are unmotivated. That’s okay. It happens. But now let’s focus on how to get and stay motivated. Consider an accountability partner is what you need or a reward system. How about telling everyone you know? The more people that know, the more accountability you will have.


Consider what obstacles are standing in the way of you achieving your goals. Are they obstacles that you can change yourself? If so, why haven’t they been changed yet? If not, is there a way to make sure they don’t negatively affect you?
You may feel a little overwhelmed with all the questions asked but it’s necessary to be honest with yourself in order to make change. Remember, if you ever need help or a little motivation, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone!

Workout Apps to Meet Your Fitness Goals Anywhere

If you’re stretched for time and can’t make it to the gym for a workout, try one of these apps and start sweating at home.

Nike Training Club
Nike Training Club is a free app with workouts ranging from 15 – 45 minutes depending on the time you have. Workouts also range depending on ability and focus on losing weight, adding definition and building strength. The app can also create a four-week workout plan based on your individual needs and includes videos to help learn form.

Couch to 5k
This app is great for first-time runners. The app will train you by doing intervals of walking and jogging three days a week for eight weeks and by the end you will be running a 5k!

This is the perfect app if you struggle with having no time to workout. You can do a quick high intensity workout in 5 minutes with this app including exercises from Crossfit to Pilates taught by real trainers.

Simply Yoga
The free version of this app is more for beginners but it is worth trying before getting the paid app. Any yoga app is worth looking into. It is a great exercise for stretching and relaxation.

FitStar Personal Trainer
This app gives you workouts tailored for you by asking questions after each workout in order to keep the workouts challenging but not impossible for you to accomplish.

New apps are created everyday, especially for fitness. Explore and find the ones that work best with you and don’t let time be an excuse for not working out. Technology has made it possible to work out from almost anywhere now. Take advantage of it!

Keeping Active in Winter

Just when we think the snow has gone away for good, Mother Nature blows it right back in. However, it’s important to stay active during the colder months too in order to maintain a healthy body weight and healthy blood pressure. Not only that, but it helps improve your mood which is often affected by the weather. Here are some simple tips you can incorporate to your everyday routine:

1: Take the stairs instead of the elevator

2: Put on some music and dance while you’re making dinner

3: Walk around the mall (and leave the wallet at home)

4: Swim in an indoor pool

5: Pop in a fitness DVD at home

6: Shovel your driveway

7: The treadmill is your friend, not your enemy

8: Yoga

9: Take advantage of sunny days & go outside

10: Get a step counter to motivate you to walk more

11: Try an outdoor winter sport, such as ice skating

12: Deep clean your house

13: Run in place or do pushups while watching television

14: Park farther away from work

15: Play with your kids and pets

Hit The Trail During This Unseasonably Warm Weather


It’s time to change it up! Instead of sticking to your normal fitness routine, take a break and take a walk or run on one of these beautiful local trails:


  1. White River Wapahani Trail

6.85 miles

Trail End Points: W. 38th St. and White River Pkwy W Dr. at Riverside Regional Park to W. Raymond St. and S. White River Pkwy. W Dr.

  1. Pleasant Run Trail

6.9 miles

Trail End Points: Ellenberger Park at East St. Clair St. and N. Ritter Ave. to Garfield Park at Pleasant Run Pkwy. and Conservatory Dr.

  1. Monon Trail

19.7 miles

Trail End Points: E. 10th Street and Lewis Street to 191st Street

  1. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

9.2 miles

Trail End Points: White River State Park to Monon Trail



  1. Zionsville Rail Trail

5.6 Miles

Trail End Points: Heritage Trail Park off CR 875 East to bridge over Eagle Creek south of Starkey Ave.



  1. White River Greenway (Noblesville)

5.9 miles

Trail End Points: Potter’s Bridge Park off Allisonville Rd. to N. 8th St. and Logan St.; Morse Park off E. 196th St.

  1. White River Greenway (Carmel)
    • miles

Trail End Points: River Road Park at River Rd. and E. 126th St. to River Rd. and Tall Timber Run