Patient Jen Pendleton shares how LiveLight Clinic changed her life.

Meet LiveLight Clinic Patient Jen Pendleton

Professionals at LiveLight Clinic are trained in changing lives. Through the work of Dr. Christy and her clinic’s unique approach to comprehensive health through unlimited access, reshaping the lifestyles of patients is practically routine. This high rate of success does not, however, diminish the importance of every individual patient.

For one of those patients, Jennifer Pendleton, Dr. Christy’s techniques proved particularly transformative.

Since starting at the LiveLight Clinic, Pendleton, who is also President and CEO of the Community Foundation of Boone County, has embraced the active lifestyle made possible by her weight loss. She has become something of an outdoorswoman with her husband, Mike, as they have taken up hiking and completed many treks more than 10 miles long at high altitudes. While she admits that some of her undertakings have been challenging,  Pendleton said she has “loved every minute of it.”

This winter, Pendleton plans to take up skiing and snowboarding. Next summer, she hopes to acquire some rock climbing skills in Colorado.

“Weight loss is not about all the things that you seemingly have to give up, it’s about everything that you gain,” said Pendleton. “I haven’t been able to see that until now. Food had too much of a hold on me. I owe it all to Christy, she saved me.”

Make your appointment today and begin your healthy journey as we offer non-judgemental guidance and support every step of the way.

New Year’s Resolution Check-In

Alright, so it’s been a month since you made that New Year’s resolution focused on reaching a healthy weight. How’s it going? Be honest with yourself. Have you been staying strong, trying a little bit or completely forgotten about it? Maybe it’s time to revisit your goal.


First, evaluate why you aren’t sticking to your resolution. Are you unmotivated? Is there something in your way? Maybe it just wasn’t a good fit for you in the first place? While the start of a New Year is good time for starting new goals doesn’t mean it always has to be like that because you can start a new goal literally any time you want. Stop saying tomorrow and start simply say today.


Maybe you are unmotivated. That’s okay. It happens. But now let’s focus on how to get and stay motivated. Consider an accountability partner is what you need or a reward system. How about telling everyone you know? The more people that know, the more accountability you will have.


Consider what obstacles are standing in the way of you achieving your goals. Are they obstacles that you can change yourself? If so, why haven’t they been changed yet? If not, is there a way to make sure they don’t negatively affect you?
You may feel a little overwhelmed with all the questions asked but it’s necessary to be honest with yourself in order to make change. Remember, if you ever need help or a little motivation, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone!

How to Start Meal Prep

One of the biggest concerns we hear from patients is, “I don’t have enough time to eat healthy.” Eating healthy is a lifestyle change and meal prep is one of the things to make your journey easier.

Planning and dedication are key when it comes to meal prep. It takes three weeks to form a habit. So don’t give up if you have challenges as you start prepping meals but focus on ways to make modifications. Overall, food prep is what you make it and any meal prep will help make eating healthy easier.

The first step is to determine what meals you should prep. Based on the number of meals, decide what recipes you want to make and create a grocery list. Head to the grocery store to get your items.

Once home, it’s often easiest to spread out all of the supplies on the counter. Think about the foods that will take the longest that you can immediately start cooking. Remember – all of the cooking actually doesn’t have to be done right then. You can easily prepare a meal and put the contents in the freezer or portion out snacks for the week. The last step is to store your meals in Tupperware, glass jars, baggies or any other container.

By beginning the habit now, you will quickly see how much a few hours of meal prep will save you during the week while helping to keep you on track with your healthy weight loss journey.


Four Weight Loss Myths Revealed

Single food diets really work.

Companies love to hype up juice diets and weight loss programs that force you to eat only one food or one type of food for a certain amount of time. Truthfully, most of these regimens, especially if they are exaggerated or not completed correctly, can actually end up being less healthy for you than your original eating pattern. The majority of these diets are based on the assumption or belief that your body can’t handle taking in multiple types of nutrients or foods, leading to digestive complications and weight gain. However, the opposite is actually true. There are very few foods that only contain one type of nutrient, so finding foods that consist of, for example, only carbohydrates or only proteins, would be virtually impossible in the first place. Not to mention, your body was designed to take in multiple nutrients at a time and to use those nutrients in conjunction with each other to keep your body functioning properly. Eating foods that help you achieve a balance of each of the five nutrients — carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals is the key to a healthy diet.


Fast weight loss is the best weight loss.

Programs that promise intense weight loss in short amounts of time are often leading you astray in your quest to lose those extra pounds. Although it is extremely tempting to adopt regimens that give you fast results with minimal effort, keep in mind it is almost always unhealthy to rapidly lose weight and that these methods are frequently unreliable. The only exception to this rule is a process of rapid weight loss that is prescribed by doctors to patients whose weight is causing them serious health problems and even then, these diets are closely supervised by medical professionals and the weight lost is often difficult to keep off. Losing weight quickly can often cause you to lose water weight or muscle as opposed to burning fat because it is difficult to burn fat in short amounts of time. Adopting a weight loss regimen that gives you a goal of 1-2 pounds lost per week is a realistic and healthy method to losing weight and developing habits that will keep the weight off for the rest of your life.


You should never eat fast food or “junk food.”

It is true that fast food is unhealthy overall – there is no disputing that. However, you don’t have to completely stop eating McDonald’s or Taco Bell just because you’re trying to lose weight. Eating well can be hard at first but it doesn’t have to be completely devoid of enjoyment. Now, if you previously ate a Big Mac during every lunch break or stopped to get a Cheesy Gordita Crunch daily, those habits need to be broken. But getting the occasional order of fries, isn’t going to break your healthy lifestyle. It’s only going to satisfy your craving and make it easier to stay faithful to your regimen later. Control your portion sizes and the frequency with which you eat unhealthy foods and you’ll find yourself enjoying your new healthy lifestyle while still reaching your weight loss goals.  


Watching what you eat is enough – exercise isn’t necessary.

We know — It’s hard to find time to get to the gym and it’s harder still to find the motivation to push yourself through a hard workout once you get there. While you will most likely drop pounds through healthy eating, you’ll miss out on a lot of health benefits if you don’t combine your smart food choices with exercise. Exercising helps you keep the weight that you lose from coming back, plus it improves mood, helps with sleep and can aid in disease prevention. It is recommended that you participate in 30 minutes of medium-intensity exercise most or all days of the week. Thirty minutes daily helps with disease prevention. Sixty minutes daily helps with weight maintenance. Ninety minutes daily can take care of both, plus it’ll burn more fat and helps you lose even more weight. Developing a regular exercise schedule can also reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and build healthy bones, muscles, and joints. Studies show those who were active when they were younger and stayed active throughout their lifetime developed fewer health problems and lived longer than those who were sedentary most of their lives. If you really hate traditional methods of exercise, find ways to get your daily dose that are enjoyable to you.

Hit The Trail During This Unseasonably Warm Weather


It’s time to change it up! Instead of sticking to your normal fitness routine, take a break and take a walk or run on one of these beautiful local trails:


  1. White River Wapahani Trail

6.85 miles

Trail End Points: W. 38th St. and White River Pkwy W Dr. at Riverside Regional Park to W. Raymond St. and S. White River Pkwy. W Dr.

  1. Pleasant Run Trail

6.9 miles

Trail End Points: Ellenberger Park at East St. Clair St. and N. Ritter Ave. to Garfield Park at Pleasant Run Pkwy. and Conservatory Dr.

  1. Monon Trail

19.7 miles

Trail End Points: E. 10th Street and Lewis Street to 191st Street

  1. Indianapolis Cultural Trail

9.2 miles

Trail End Points: White River State Park to Monon Trail



  1. Zionsville Rail Trail

5.6 Miles

Trail End Points: Heritage Trail Park off CR 875 East to bridge over Eagle Creek south of Starkey Ave.



  1. White River Greenway (Noblesville)

5.9 miles

Trail End Points: Potter’s Bridge Park off Allisonville Rd. to N. 8th St. and Logan St.; Morse Park off E. 196th St.

  1. White River Greenway (Carmel)
    • miles

Trail End Points: River Road Park at River Rd. and E. 126th St. to River Rd. and Tall Timber Run


Ten Healthy New Year’s Resolutions To Keep In 2016

Millions of Americans make losing weight or getting healthy a resolution each year. Making a general resolution can be difficult to keep. For example, we all see the increase of attendance at the gym in early January as people are motivated to lose weight and get in shape. Then the end of January hits and the number of people at the gym drastically drops. It’s hard to keep goals that don’t fit with your lifestyle. Finding new activities to replace food activities centered around food can ultimately help you lose 10 – 12 pounds this year!

Here are 10 easy and healthy resolutions you can keep:

1. Drink more water! Find a fun, new water bottle and start drinking eight glasses of water a day.
2. Limit the amount of sweet treats you eat per week.
3. Try volunteering one hour a week.
4. Take a walk after dinner each night.
5. Limit your use of social media to one hour a day.
6. Read a book once a month.
7. Try a different recipe a few times a month, you may find a new favorite dish!
8. Try meal prepping to save time.
9. Limit soda and coffee intake to one per day.
10. Start a tradition of family game or movie night once a week or once a month.

Staying On Track During The Holidays

The turkey is waving its drumsticks at you and the gravy and mashed potatoes and pies and homemade rolls are enticing you to eat them. Yes, it’s the holiday season and all your favorite foods are teasing you.

Well, it is okay to eat them all but the trick is to eat in moderation and start with a smaller plate. Fill your plate with protein foods first and then two tablespoons of carbohydrate based side. By doing this, you will fill up faster.

Slow down and savor each scrumptious mouthful with the company of your family and friends. If you’re going to consume a high amount of carbs during a meal, simply eat fewer carbs during the days before and after. Eating is a social function as well as needed sustenance. We often must relearn our lifelong eating habits. Allow your brain time to catch up with your stomach rumblings.

And watch the drinks for added calories. LiveLight encourages you to embrace the festive times of your life without guilt, just watch the quantity and you will stay on track with your weight loss goals.

It’s going to be a beautiful day, so take a walk with your family. Save the turkey and ham to enjoy as leftovers for next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kelly’s Nine Month Weight Loss Journey

Meet Kelly. She’s been a patient of the LiveLight Lifestyle Medicine for the last nine months. Her results are incredible and we are very proud of her journey. Congratulations Kelly!