10 Summertime Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

By-pass the junk food isle this summer & serve your family healthy snacks. Check out my top 10 favorite healthy snack recipes – perfect summertime & kid-friendly!

  1. Homemade fruit pops
    Buy a popsicle mold, sold at most stores. Chose any fresh or frozen fruit, single fruit or a combination. Blend the fruit in a blender, with a little bit of water, so it is a smooth puree. Pour into molds and serve to all the neighborhood kids. Unlike those sold in stores, there’s no added sugars – plus they’re super easy to make!
  2. Peanut Butter yogurt dip
    Combine 2-3 TB natural (2 ingredients or less) Peanut Butter with 1/3 cup Plain Yogurt or Plain Greek Yogurt. Whip by hand until it is light and fluffy and the taste is consistent. Serve to kids with apples, celery, or strawberries.
  3. Homemade applesauce
    Cut up apples, don’t peel them and steam or boil them for 8-10 minutes. Throw into a blender and feel free to add a little cinnamon. Blend until it looks like applesauce. Chill. Serve it to kids in fancy little cups or containers, such as small ice cream cups. Having a fun presentation of food to kids, increases the possibility that they will try it.
  4. Fruit skewers
    Use small sizes skewers and cut up various fruits to put on them. A great item to serve at a summertime party.
  5. Dried fruit
    If buying from the store, just make sure there is no sugar listed in the ingredients.
  6. Nuts
    Keep a small basket with 15-20 nuts, in a small baggie, that kids can quickly grab as a snack. Put fun stickers (bought at the dollar store) to make the presentation even more fun.
  7. Fruit
    Studies show that keeping fruit out in a very noticeable spot in the kitchen makes kids way more likely to eat it.
  8. Energy bars or bites: (there are many various recipes for these online)
    Combine 9 dates and ½ cup cashews in a food processor and blend. Then form into balls or bites or bars.
    Other variations use: whole grains, other nuts/seeds, wheat germ, flax seeds, and others. You can even add raising or cranberries, as long as there is no added sugar in any of the ingredients.
  9. Frozen fruit and yogurt:
    Use plain Greek or normal yogurt. You can mix some pumpkins spice, cinnamon, or nutmeg into the yogurt first. Either dip individual grapes into yogurt and freeze. Or add yogurt into the inside of raspberries and freeze.
  10. Homemade parfaits: (my son’s favorite!)
    Use plain yogurt. Make it fun by serving it in a cute cup or bowl.
    Top with any berries you have and either homemade or low sugar store bought (we like Bare Naked brand) granola, and nuts if possible. Great for adults too and a lot less sugar than buying these at the store.
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