healthy grocery shopping challenge for weight loss

Achieving My Healthy Weight : The Grocery Store Challenge

Week 4: The Grocery Store Challenge

Going to the grocery store has become a mission involving a lot of time devoted to reading the nutrition labels. My husband has been gracious enough to go along for the ride with me. While he isn’t officially enrolled in the program, I admire his willingness to make changes to help motivative me and help me to succeed. He consoles me when we visit the grocery store and pass all the aisles filled with sweet-smelling candy, baking paraphernalia and pasta that we are no longer able to visit. He encourages me to not even look down the aisle, knowing when it will tempt me. He has also been a great coach in making me more aware of the quality of the food we buy.

While I have been surprised at the high carb content of many seemingly “harmless” foods I am used to eating, what I am most surprised about is the amount of unnecessary ingredients some of my favorite foods have. Checking the nutrition labels has made me be more conscious of not just the nutritional information, but also of the ingredients I am putting into my body.

As I mature as an adult, I have began to think more about what types of food and substances I consume and how they affect my health. It is no longer about buying the food that is the cheapest or the brand that I recognize the most, but about purchasing the food that is the best for me, my body and my family. Most of the food we purchase is labeled either organic or natural or at least has a shorter “healthier” list of ingredients. Dr. Christy also provided me with an amazing and comprehensive guide to grocery store shopping, telling which foods and aisles to avoid and which brands are the best.

Sometimes when I check the back of the food packaging I am investigating, I get a bit frustrated. I wonder why the brand or the manufacturer chose to put certain unnatural or unhealthy ingredients inside. I then remind myself that the food industry is in business to make money and not worry about my health. There are a number of different documentaries devoted to this very controversial topic like Food Inc. and recently released, Fed Up. I digress because I realize I am not going to lead a food revolution, but I know there are small things I can do to make a difference. And that starts with the food choices I make today.

This coming week will mark the one-month anniversary of my new diet. Since I began this journey, I have dropped a dress size and finally been able to fit into some old skinny jeans. (Woohoo!) It’s amazing to see and feel the difference a loss of 8 pounds can make. Even more so, the educational aspect of the program empowers me with the information to not just change the look of my body but change my health. I can’t wait to see what Dr. Christy has in store for me at my next appointment.

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